Useful Telegram Bots

Chats 29.08.20 1 min.

@pic - image search

@gif - animation search

@bold - text formatting

@imdb - movie search

@youtube - search for videos on Youtube

@wiki - search for Wikipedia articles

@music - for listening to classical music

@myshowsmebot - series search

@ya - Yandex search

@forsquare - search for places in Forsquare

@vkmusic_bot - VKontakte audio search

@aleksobot - Alyosha bot for converting outgoing text messages to voice format

@voicybot - translates all voice messages and audio files (.ogg, .flac, .wav, .mp3)

@GmailBot - Gmail Bot developed by the Telegram team

@radiobot - provides access to the archive of broadcasts of various radio stations, both Russian and foreign. The audio stream is broadcast in AAC+ format

@yamelodybot is a Yandex.Music bot. Allows you to identify unknown musical compositions

@rss4you_bot - allows you to use Telegram as an RSS reader to work with news sources

Some bots can be launched immediately inside any chat by mentioning them in a message.