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Elfsight Apps is a SaaS service that provides customizable and non-coding website widgets with extensive integration capabilities. Elfsight widgets can be integrated into any websites made on platforms: WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Adobe Muse, Webflow, HTML, Magento, Blogger, ModX, Webnode, Lightspeed, BigCartel and others. It is also possible to easily embed the widget code into any HTML code if your site is self-written.

It will be possible to select the desired widget for any sections of your site.

Elfsight overview

Widget Categories:

  • Social
  • Feedback block
  • E-commerce
  • Messengers. Feedback.
  • Form Builder
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Utilities


  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Social Media Icons
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Pinterest Feed
  • Instagram Widget

Instagram Feed

Instagram photo widget

With this widget, you can place an Instagram page on your site. You can display the latest posts from your Instagram account, which will be dynamically updated on the site in the future. There are several options for displaying the page. You can add an Instagram widget to the site for every taste.

Instagram Widget

All widgets are adapted and look neat on mobile devices:


Facebook Feed

The Facebook widget also has similar settings when added. For example, you can add a feed of your posts:

 Facebook Widget

Twitter Feed

For Twitter, it is possible to add a widget with a block “ What they write about us ” :

Widget about us

Social Media Icons

Social media buttons for the site are more relevant than ever now. You can choose any buttons that will be combined with the design of your site.

Social media buttons

Social Share Buttons

Share buttons in social networks are also an indispensable attribute for modern websites.

Share buttons

Pinterest Feed

For Pinterest, you can also pick up a great widget for the site.

Pinterest Widget

Instagram Widget

Includes the ability to add a hashtag widget, a profile widget, and a photo gallery widget.

Instagram Wall Widget Instagram Widget

Block of reviews

Trust in your site or brand can be increased by placing a block of reviews on your site. You can get reviews from Facebook or from other trading platforms and resources that can increase the loyalty of visitors if your site is an online store. Also, such a widget is suitable for sites that relate to the provision of services. The added widget can pull up reviews from different resources:

Feedback widget

The output can be output not only in the form of a large block, but also in the form of a carousel. It is also possible to add from each resource separately.

Feedback Widget

Supported platforms:

  • Facebook Reviews
  • Instagram reviews
  • Reviews from TripAdvisor
  • Google Reviews
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Reviews on eBay
  • Google Play reviews
  • Reviews from Booking
  • Airbnb
  • Reviews of Hotels Hotels
  • OpenTable restaurant reviews
  • Houzz reviews
  • G2 Cword Reviews
  • Apple App Store Reviews
  • Trustpilot Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Reviews from AliExpress
  • BBB reviews


  • Price table
  • Countdown timer
  • Different pop-up windows
  • Feedback Widget

The price table widget allows you to add a clear and understandable pricing widget to make it easier for customers to navigate your site.

Price widget

To stimulate purchases on the site, you can add a countdown timer:

Countdown timer widget

It is possible to create beautiful pop-ups, as well as the ability to add a newsletter subscription widget.

Subscription widget

To make it easier for visitors to get feedback from you, you can add a feedback widget:

Feedback widget


Now it is impossible to imagine life without messengers. Sometimes it is not always possible to answer a call by phone, so for such cases it is better to immediately add a widget to the site for communicating with the client in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Chat. To communicate via WhatsApp, you can add this widget:

Whatsapp Widget

If you are ready to use messengers to the maximum to communicate with visitors, then you can add a common widget that combines all the above messengers into a single whole:

Messenger Widget


  • Form Builder
  • Feedback form

The form builder includes the ability to add a survey or booking widget:

Survey Widget

The feedback form allows you to add an extended feedback form, where the user, in addition to his full name, phone number, e-mail, can also specify his address. It is also possible to add a support application form where the user can describe the question he has, as well as attach a file to his request if necessary.

Technical support request widget


It is possible to add your own channel or video gallery from YouTube or Vimeo.

YouTube Widget


  • Audio Player
  • Podcast Player
  • Background Music
  • Radio player
Audio Player Widget


  • Coronavirus statistics
  • Google Maps
  • Questions and Answers
  • Consent to cookies
  • Team Showcase
  • Calendar of events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Before and after the slider
  • Go back to the beginning
  • QR code
  • Number counter
  • Restaurant menu
  • User counter
  • Search
  • Slider
  • Weather
  • Showcase of logos
  • Proof of age
  • Insert a file
  • PDF Embed
  • Portfolio
  • The "Share on Facebook" button
  • Button “I like it on Facebook”
  • The ”Facebook Comments" button

Now in the era of the pandemic, you may be interested in the Covid-19 statistics widget. Based on statistics from Johns Hopkins University, display information on Covid-19 online for users.

Covid-19 statistics widget

Among the utilities, you may also be interested in the photo gallery widget

Photo Gallery widget

or the popular before and after comparison slider:

 Comparison slider


  • simplicity and convenience of adding a widget
  • there is a widget that combines several messengers
  • different types of social media widgets
  • you can pull up reviews from different sites
  • Support for Audio and Video content (from YouTube or Vimeo)


  • limited number of widget displays in free mode


The widget has a restriction on the display of the added widget. After a certain number of impressions, the widget turns off. Basic Package allows 5000 views per month. Pro Black 50,000 views. If you have a large enough traffic on the site/sites, then the Corporate package is better for you. For more information about prices, please visit the official website of Elfsight.

Elfsight tariff plans

If there are any difficulties in installing or displaying the widget on the site, you can always contact technical support Elfsight for help.


With widgets Elfsight you can easily perform many tasks that are now in demand by many modern sites. Widgets for interacting with Instagram and YouTube are very well developed. Elfsight widgets can help increase sales, attract visitors, gather potential customers and much more. Save your time and money with ready-made solutions and grow your business faster.