Anonymous VPN Torguard

VPN 15.04.22 2 min.

Torguard is famous for its large server network and excellent support for everything related to torrents.

Torguard is considered one of the best VPN services on the market, and for a reason - there is everything from round—the-clock technical support to the Stealth VPN service. In addition to providing the usual VPN services, the service has something to offer to business, namely, the Business VPN tariff with additional functions. The security-related functionality is an order of magnitude ahead of similar offers of other premium VPNs: 256-bit AES encryption is used here and there is protection against DNS leaks and DDoS attacks.

Advantages Torguard

This is its powerful protection, built-in ad blocker, P2P support, strict tax-free policy, responsive technical support and the ability to confidently bypass even the most complex access locks.

Disadvantages Torguard

Here we can note the absence of a 30-day money-back guarantee and not a very reliable option for watching Netflix.

If you want to have access to streaming services, then you will have to buy an IP address specifically for streaming - for an additional monthly fee.

Dedicated IP addresses for streams can be from either the US pool or the UK pool. With their help, you can get free access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and BBC iPlayer.

Torguard states that if after buying an IP, you still cannot access the desired platform, then it will be enough to simply contact technical support to get a new IP address.

Server network and connection speed

Torguard has a very large server network: 3,000+ servers in 68 locations and 50+ countries.

As a rule, the larger the server network, the better it is for connection speeds.

Torguard provides high connection speed, if you are going to watch streams or download torrents, it is quite enough. If you are going to use stealth mode to ensure maximum anonymity, then know that this can reduce the speed of your connection. Viewing content protected by access restrictions on YouTube via Torguard will not be a problem.


Services Torguard are slightly more expensive than many other VPN services. However, a wide range of functions, thousands of available servers, powerful encryption and multiplatform support fully justify this difference. You can subscribe to the services of this service for a duration of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months — in other words, you can choose the most suitable option for you.